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The Lost Letter of Pergamum

Posted: April 05, 2016


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Who is the author?

The Lost Letter of Pergamum is a book written by Bruce W. Longenecker. It is a story about the past and was written with a setting that was two thousand years ago and informed the readers about Antipas who is a Roman leader and was given the chance to meet the author of the bible Luke. Longenecker with this book has produced a delightful, entertaining and informative work. Though it is fictional in its nature however it has made use of the account of letters by Antipas about the city of Pergamum as it has mentioned in the Bible especially in the book of Revelation.

What is the author doing?

The author had written not just a delightful book it is also entertaining and informative. The author in his description of the setting in the New Testament World, used narration and description of the life and people as well as setting in that particular period. It can be noted that in the letters being exchange by Luke and Antipas, they have mentioned king and rulers and scene that evidently are present during that time. Among those themes which definitely describe that era are the mentions of emperors, gods and goddesses and the contest about gladiators. Indeed these are the terms that are distinctively present in the past few years. The writer has also a different way of describing time which is evidently related to the past. Instead of mentioning the name of the month, the author had described time as the “day before the autumn equinox”, calends of Domitianus”, and similar other terms. 

The history written by Luke has awakened the interests of Antipas and they had started exchanging letters with each other most are invitations of significant events such as gladiatorial contests. In various letters they have sent to each other, Antipas informed Luke of his reactions to the writings of the later and with his experiences he gathered with his acquaintance among local Christians. It is evident in the letters of Antipas that with his encounter with the local Christians he eventually changed his mind about the way the Christian lived and about Jesus Christ. It is because of the gladiatorial contest in Pergamum that Luke encountered difficulty on deciding the local Christians and on Antipas.

How does the author do it?

The account of the letter is indeed imaginary however the author is a prized bible scholar who merges the enthralling biblical scenario with credible historical information. The author, Bruce Longenecker succeeded in combining reality with fiction and came up with fascinating and relevant lesson and investigation of the world of New Testament and the truth about the early Christianity. With this writings, the readers are informed and are motivated to recognize Jesus and the early Christianity from a new perspective being one of the first followers and being brought to life.

What can we take away from the essay?

The book is not just fictional history in the early century but it is a well-created narration and description of the early Christian context and how the people lived at that time. The author included in his narration some of the standard people, place, issues and locations that can be of relevant application in several subjects such as history of the Jews, Jews sects, customs of the Romans and even the significant burning of Rome in 64 A.D. In addition to being historical fiction, the letter is more reliable and more interesting as compared to other typical books utilized as reference. The “Lost Letters of Pergamum definitely provide the readers with wonderful opportunity of steeping into the world of New Testament and experiencing the life that is lived by the people in that particular era. Definitely, with the quality of the book, it can be used by religious groups, scholars and students as a relevant reference in studying about religion particularly Christianity.

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