Revision Policy

At, customer satisfaction is crucial!

For this reason, we strive to meet our clients’ expectations and do everything we can in order to deliver high-quality papers. Our goal is to help students and people all over the world to submit excellent articles, which are professionally written and customized according to their needs. This is why we offer custom writing services, and we take into consideration every requirement coming from our clients.

In some cases, after a project is already completed, a customer may want a revision. Our policy regarding this aspect allows us to provide it in the following ways:

  • If you ask for a review that does not include any other requirements besides those from the original order, our team will complete it without any additional fee.
  • As a customer, you are allowed to request a revision within 14 days after receiving the final product. We consider that a period of 2 weeks permits the client to review the delivered paper and see if his/her requirements were followed or not, and if the article meets his/her expectations. You have to place your revision request by contacting out Customer Support Department via e-mail, live chat, or phone. If you submit such a request after those 14 days, you will be charged additionally.
  • If the revision involves any additional requirements or some changes in the original ones, you have to pay an extra fee.

When am I supposed to pay an extra fee for my revision request?

The following examples are some of those which require an extra charge:

  1. Our writer has already started working on your project, but you have changed the original instructions meanwhile.
  2. If your teacher, professor, boss, etc. provides you new instructions or additional ones after your writer has finished the project, you also need to pay extra for them. Our team will determine the fee for those changes and will let you know it as soon as possible. In this category of changes or additional instructions, we include extra pages, information, or resources.
  3. If you require certain resources that are needed, but they’re not available at the moment, you have the responsibility to provide them to your writer.
  4. If you need resources that are not available, but you cannot supply them to us, our team will use the most actual and relevant resources we have. However, if you would like to use the required ones and you cannot provide them, can buy the research. In this case, the client will pay for this purchase.

When do I receive a free revision?

In the beginning, you may think that revision requests will always result in an additional fee as they are complex and require time and effort. In fact, our revision policy tries to contribute to the complete satisfaction of our clients, so that it allows us to offer you free revisions in the following situations:

  1. If you notice that your writer did not respect your instructions, even though you hadn’t made any changes to them.
  2. You send us a revision request in the first 14 days after you have received the final product.
  3. When you have opted for our professional writing services for a more elaborate paper or one which is lengthy, please discuss first with our Customer Support Department to find out how many additional days you can receive for revision. We understand that a complex dissertation, for example, is not the same with a 2-page essay, and you need more time to review it. But please establish the timeframe with our Customer Support Department as soon as possible, in order to avoid any delays or other issues.

How can I send a revision request?

There are three ways in which our customer can ask for a revision of their papers, but all of them involve contacting our Customer Support Department. You can do this as it follows:

  • Via E-mail
  • Via Phone
  • Via live chat

You need to know that you must provide your request in writing, no matter the way you choose to get in touch with the Customer Support Department. This means that even though you may give us a call, you will still be asked to submit a written form of your request. Moreover, you also have to provide evidence to support your claim. 

We strive to offer the best-quality services and provide our customers 100% satisfaction. For this reason, our purpose is to communicate with each of our clients in order to find out all their requirements so that we will be able to meet them. Whenever a customer sends us a revision request, we will happily revise his/her work for free if our policy allows this. If our policy requires a fee for his/her revision, we will discuss with him/her in order to obtain the minimum costs for it, but also to meet all the expectations regarding the content. 

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