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Can Someone Just Write My Reflective Essay for Me? 

What is a reflective essay you ask? A reflective essay is not an unusual assignment; it’s just different. It’s different because its personal and subjective, and you have to speak to how you have somehow been affected or changed by something – something you read/viewed, experienced, or did. 

You may not have had a reflective essay assignment before, but you may have unknowingly written one. If you wrote a college admissions essay, for example, you wrote a reflective essay of sorts. Still, many students are uncomfortable with this type of assignment. They are used to papers that are factual and objective, and “outing” their inner thoughts and feelings is tough. If this sounds like you, no matter. You can get reflective essay help right here.

Let’s Lose the Mystery – How to Write a Reflective Essay

Now that you know what is a reflective essay, let’s talk about actually putting one together. If you decide to use our reflective essay writing service, this is how your personally assigned writer will do it.

The Topic

The topic is usually assigned. You may have read a book, viewed a movie, engaged in a field experience, listened to a speech, participated in a volunteer activity, etc. Now, you are being asked to reflect on that experience in some personal way. To do that, you will first need to engage in a bit of brainstorming.

Brainstorming – Let it Rain

Once you have finished the book, movie, speech, experience, etc., you have to do a bit of reflection (thinking about it). What were the main points that really struck you? Write those down. Summarize each point in a few sentences and state why those points struck you.

Here are a few examples of questions you can ask yourself as you are completing this activity:

  1. Did the book, movie, speech, or experience challenge your belief and/or value systems?
  2. Were you bothered by the challenges to your belief/value systems? Why?
  3. Was your thinking or attitude about anything changed as a result? How?

When students use our reflection essay writing service, their assigned writers will ask them these questions. But, in cases where the subject of the paper is a piece of literature, a movie or a speech that the students upload, they are certainly willing to prepare a piece without a lot of student input. How much the student wants to reveal is up to him.

The Next Step -  Organizing your palaces of mind

Most reflective essays are rather short – about the length of a normal essay of any other type. The only exception may be reflection on a field experience that has resulted in a portfolio. These pieces usually comprise and entire final section and cover a lot more ground that a book or speech.

The format for a reflective essay should be similar to that of other basic essays – introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

The body should contain at least three paragraphs, so three points of reflection should be chosen from the brainstorming list. Of course, more can be chosen, because the three -paragraph body is not a hard and fast rule.

Once you have your three points identified, you basically have the outline for the essay.

Now… How to Write a Reflective Essay, and make it amazing?

The Introduction

Obviously, you will introduce the subject of your reflection. However, you should also provide any expectations you might have had before the experience. Aby the end of your introduction, you should be at your thesis statement. If the experience had an impact on you, summarize that impact in your thesis statement.

The Body

Each point you make will need its own paragraph. Begin with a solid topic sentence and then provide the details from the experience that resulted in the response you had.

The Conclusion

Summarize the overall response you had from this experience, based upon your body paragraphs. Do not add any new information at this point. Stick to what was in the body paragraphs. If you have been impacted to the point that you are ready to take some action, then of course state this in your conclusion.

This is Not a Journal

  1. Sometimes you may have an experience that impacts you significantly or will change a behavior. Addressing it in your essay may expose some personal information that you do not want to. If it makes you uncomfortable, just don’t do it.
  2. Keep the tone academic and scholarly. While it is a personal narrative of sorts, you should still use proper, formal English as much as possible. This is not a journal – it is an essay.
  3. Avoid naming names of others who figured into the experience, particularly if it was an activity in which you participated. You can criticize the actions of others, but you should not name them.
  4. Obviously, review the essay for structure, coherence, and grammar/spelling/punctuation. If you are concerned about your ability to edit, our reflective essay help includes this service. Just upload what you have written along with your order, and we will get right on it.

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