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Reveal the truth: The “Joys” of Narrative Essay Writing

Just when you thought essay writing was “safe,” along comes that English teacher or professor with a great idea – let’s everyone write a narrative essay. It will be an autobiographical story, and due a week from Monday, so everyone can enjoy their weekends writing it.

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How to find the best way to write a narrative essay?

Think of it this way. Writing a narrative does not require any research, and the writing can be much more casual than an academically-oriented essay or paper. And it is pretty easy to structure, since it is usually just the chronological telling of a story, fictional or real.

There are also drawbacks. To be well-written and engaging, the writer has to be creative, and has to be pretty good with descriptive writing. In some instances, crafting and correctly writing dialogue may be required.

“How do I write a narrative essay?”

Like any essay, there does have to be a plan. So, if you are asking this question, read on.

The Topics

Usually, students have latitude within a larger topic area. Instructors provide prompts, such as “the most embarrassing event in your life,” (or thee happiest, or the one that changed your belief about something, etc.). Within that framework, you choose the event or circumstance and tell your story.

There is also the type of narrative assignment in which you may be asked to write a fictional short story. This usually occurs in a creative writing or a fiction class.

Still another type of narrative essay may require to write narrative essay pieces that tell someone else’s story. You may be asked to conduct an interview and then write up another’s biographical tale. This will obviously be written in the third person.

The Structure

For most essays, you develop an outline as an organizer. When you write a personal narrative essay, the better organizer is a timeline. Filling in a timeline and then following it as you write ensures that you don’t leave out any important parts or details.

Remember this: you still must have an introduction and a conclusion when you write narrative essay pieces. So, your structure will go like this:

  • The Introduction: like any other introduction, you will introduce the event/story and you will still need a thesis statement. What about this event or situation was important to you? How did it change you (if it did)? What did you learn from it? Answering one of these questions will give you your thesis statement.
  • The Body: here you will relate, in paragraph form, your tale. There is no set number of paragraphs for a narrative, but if you have points along a timeline, those are usually good break points for paragraphs. Just be certain to have good transitions between them.
  • The Conclusion: go back to your thesis statement and repeat it in different words. You can also speak to how this experience or event will have an impact on your future or your future behavior. Was there a lesson in it for you?

Several details that you should really keep in mind

Effective personal narratives have compelling descriptions. Remember those figures of speech you learned? Similes, metaphors, personification, alliteration? See if you cannot incorporate some of those in your descriptions. They make your writing much more engaging.

Be creative in your sentence structure, your vocabulary, and your phrasing. If you struggle with this, read some examples of personal narratives – they are all over the web.

And if you are struggling in general, get some help writing a narrative essay. You may have a great story to tell but not the skill to tell it in a way that will delight and entertain a reader. Flash Essay can help with that. You can buy narrative essay writing from us and get an expert creative writer who loves to craft narratives.

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All you need to do is give us a topic and any other requirements from your instructor. If it’s a personal narrative, you will also want to provide details of your story. This can be in the form of a short summary or a timeline that your writer can use. From this point, here is what happens:

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