When a customer places an order on FlashEssay.com, he/she accepts the following conditions of our disclaimer, with no exceptions:

Use of Product:

Our team and writers may use a few example or samples of academic writing, such as research, papers, essays, or any other educational types of writing. All these may contribute to the final product and may be provided to our clients as samples, but the customer will never have any copyright regarding these materials. Except for the final product, any other piece of paper written and sent to you by our writers can never be presented as your work.

Customer Contact:

Every customer is responsible for providing their contact and information to FlashEssay.com. Moreover, you are also responsible for providing correct data. Otherwise, it may be impossible to communicate with you for delivering the paper, or there may be long delays because of false or inaccurate information. In these cases, FlashEssay.com is not responsible for delays or failures in deliveries. You are asked to verify this data before sending it to us, in order to avoid this kind of issues.

Canceling an Order:

Sometimes, a client may cancel an order after he/she had paid it. In this instance, our company has the following conditions:

  • You will get a refund that depends on the progress made on your order. In some cases, if you act very fast, it may be possible that your order has not been assigned to a writer yet. However, if your order has been already allocated to a writer and he/she started working on it, our staff will establish the value of your refund according to the amount of work that has been already done to it.
  • If you request a refund and receive it, you can choose how to use it. For example, you are free to utilize it to pay for a future order.

Use of Resources:

Every writer will choose the most relevant resources and materials in order to complete the projects, according to the customer’s requests. However, if the writer is not able to access the resources specified by the client, there will be a discussion regarding how they should proceed. There are there options:

  • You agree that the writer will use the actual resources he/she can access as he/she or even you will choose the most relevant ones.
  • You can provide the needed resources if you have them, by uploading them on your account page.
  • You can pay for purchasing the required information from other sources. In this case, the costs will be your responsibility.

If a delay occurs due to your lack of promptness in providing the resource materials to your writer, FlashEssay.com takes no liability for that delay.

Providing Instructions regarding Your Project:

The customer is in charge with providing clear instructions when he/she places an order on FlashEssay.com. You have to complete the order form with all the details regarding your project, and if there are any additional requirements, you should mention them, too. When the writer considers that he/she needs more information, he/she will quickly contact you for this. Your responsibility is to respond as soon as possible if you want to avoid any delays. Otherwise, the writer cannot start his/her work or continue it.


When it comes to plagiarism, you have to know that our writers produce 100% original content. Moreover, every paper will be first scanned for plagiarism before it will be sent to you. This scan report will be included in the initial price of your project. But if you discover that your paper has been copied, you should contact us, and we will promptly revise your assignment for free.


Sometimes, there may be delays or other kinds of issues due to electronic or technical failures, or because of your Internet provided. In these circumstances, FlashEssay.com has no responsibility for these problems, and it is not liable for them.


When a customer places an order and accepts this disclaimer, he/she is giving his/her permission for the full payment of the order.


We only accept an order if we can respect the deadline. However, in some cases, there are delays that we do not take responsibility for. So, FlashEssay.com is not liable if:

  • The writer is asking for more information, and you don’t react quickly.
  • Your contact details are wrong, and you don’t provide us the accurate data promptly.
  • You ask for significant changes to the initial instructions. In this case, your project may take longer to be completed than we have established initially.

Academic Level:

As a customer, you are responsible for letting us know which is the required academic level of your project, or which is your educational level.

Customer Support Department:

We offer you customer support 24 hours a day, every day. Make sure you notify this department regarding any problem with your order as soon as possible.


We do not reveal the data you provide us to anyone outside the company, and we do not share this type of information with third parties. The cookies used on our website are only for improving your experience on FlashEssay.com.

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