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Posted: September 23, 2016
Content top research essay topics

Getting ready for English classes and your research papers is the talk of the campus, especially after mid-terms. You have gotten through the first few weeks with your new professor taking about the syllabus, doing some preliminary work while setting your sights on the final paper that you are developing.

While many professors outline what the topics they expect you to write about, there are some that give you the option of finding something that you are interested in on your own to write your research paper on.

Although choosing your own topic can be exciting, it can also be a daunting task.  

  1. Is there enough information out there for my topic?

  2. Has it been researched so much that it is not interesting?

  3. What if I cannot find specifics and word them in a way to fill 15-20 pages.

These and many questions will haunt you as you try to find the perfect topic for your research essay topic.

Before you do your essays, try some of the following tips, ideas, and topics to give you some inspiration.

How do I begin?

As soon as you get your syllabus would have been the perfect time to start researching your paper, if you just started you still have plenty of time to finish before the deadline.

Begin by researching your topic in the library of your university. Utilize the most recent material so that what you write about is not outdated. Ask you professor about the use of Wiki for information, many of them do not like students to use Wiki.

After getting your first few points, begin developing an outline. Start your outline by building questions that will bring to light your thesis. Your thesis is the main point of your paper and it will be what you will be answering in the supporting paragraphs.

Whether you are going to write an argumentative research essay, topics such as making tobacco illegal, or legalizing prostitution, psychology, or controversial essays, you must keep in mind the style that is laid out by your professor. APA, and MLA are the most utilized types of paper styles that professors request of their students. If you do not know these styles study them before you begin.

For quick study of writing styles, you can research essay writing at many online sources. College research essay writing topics are more complex than high school topics and your professors will expect your arguments to be persuasive, unique and for your paragraphs to support your conclusion.

Research is the Key Word

When doing research, you begin to uncover what is already known about a subject. This can involve examining a wide range of books, articles, and Web sources. In the social and natural sciences, you may also perform experiments or do field research to create and share new knowledge about a topic.

How much research you do will depend on the length of the paper. For a one-page position paper related to a class discussion, you might use only the reference section of the library and your textbook. An argument about current events will likely send you to newspapers, magazines and various websites, while a full length term paper is researched by spending time in academic books and published journals.

For all of the above types of college research essay topics, the research is what is important. The gathering of the materials is what will, in the long run. get a well-structured paper written.

If you have not yet found a topic, don’t hesitate to get help from online writing services that specialize in helping find college research essay topics, and formatting them for you.

Begin with some of these

The following topics will help to get you to thinking in the right direction and we provide a jump-start idea for each topic.

Moral Issues

  1. Animal testing: there are some that also lump this argumentative testing with the concept of cloning and whether or not there should be cloned humans created solely for the purpose of testing new scientific developments in medicine.

  2. Volunteer incentives: should people be given incentives to volunteer. Should internships in college be paid internships. This topic is always a good one to stir up a good argument.

  3. The death penalty: To kill for killing is a subject long argued from state to state. Many politicians have had to use their stand on this to get into or lose office. What do you think would be a good thesis for this topic?

  4. Drug tests: does drug testing infringe on your personal privacy rights or not? Should those that receive public benefits such as welfare be subjected to drug testing before becoming eligible?

  5. Assisted Suicide: If a person wants to die due to a terminal illness, should they have the right to assisted suicide.

Social Issues

  1. College or Not: Should parents be putting pressure teens to go to college when there is rising proof that it is not a guarantee of employment?

  2. Cigarette smoking: Should employers be able to not hire those that smoke, is it something that should be asked in an interview?

  3. English Speaking Only: Should businesses be allowed to hang signs in their windows that say “English speaking only inside.”  Should the content of the sign be explained further?

  4. Voting: Should all citizens vote? Should prisoners be able to vote. Should the voting age be changed and why?

  5. Body shaming: should women have to take the initiative to cover up to keep men from cat calling at them when in public?

  6. Dating: Is online dating better than meeting face to face. Is it replacing real life dating.

Advertising and Media

  1. Sex on television: Are the networks getting to brazen when it comes to allowing mature programming to be seen on prime time?

  2. Rating: should all television shows be legally responsible for pre-rating? Does the rating system work, are parents using them?

  3. Children: should kids be subject to advertisements that don’t suit them during Saturday cartoon shows?

  4. Newspapers/magazines: is it a waste of time to advertise in pint magazines today? Has technology replaced print? Have writers suffered due to loss of print newspapers?

  5. Journalists Bias: is it the responsibility of journalist to remain bias, especially during elections?

  6. Politicians: should politicians be featured on late night television? Should they appear on talk shows?

Family Issues

  1. Allowance: Today kids are getting paid to do chores. Should parents have to pay their kids a salary or allowance?

  2. Teen privacy: should parents be allowed to go into a teens room to investigate what they are up too? Should parents and school officials be allowed to go into teens book bags/ lockers?

  3. Sex Education: How old should kids be when faced with the talk from their parents. When should the schools offer sex education and if so should parents sign off on a permission slip?

  4. Breastfeeding: Is it something that is just for the privacy of your home, or should women be able to breastfeed in public? Should establishments be required to have places set aside for breastfeeding mothers?

  5. Extracurricular Activities: should kids choose to play sports or should their parents push them to do so.


  1. Fast food: should blame be placed on fast food companies for Americas obesity epidemic, or should the blame be put on the consumer as choice?

  2. Work place fitness: should companies be required to have fitness plans in place for employees if they ask about their bad habits on applications?

  3. U.S. and Universal Health Care: why is the United States, one of the wealthiest nations on earth, not one that insures all of its citizens?

  4. Medical Malpractice: what can be done to lower the cost of medical practice insurance with the knowledge that medical malpractice is one of the leading causes of death.

  5. Noise: is noise a cause of bad health? Should companies be responsible in residential areas to curb loud noises or put up notices informing residents when loud work will be going on?

  6. Smoking: Should smoking be banned nationwide inside businesses?

  7. Social Media and health: is social media considered an addiction? Should it be? Can it lead to mental health issues? Should there be a minimum age that children are allowed to use online social media?

  8. School Lunches: are they making our kids sick? Should schools be responsible for ensuring our children eat proper lunches?

  9. Medications: should all controlled substances be tracked through a national database?

  10. Weight and Models: should models be given a minimum weight in order to be hired to prevent weight loss disorders such as bulimia etc.?


  1. Books: should parents or educators be allowed to censure books of any kind for children?

  2. Gamification: is the upsurge of online gaming leading to a world without classrooms?

  3. Assessment Exams: are these yearly tests unfair to certain demographics in our communities, if so why?

  4. School Uniforms: Are they necessary or are they an unnecessary expense for parents each year? What about parents that struggle to provide their children with these expensive uniforms each year? Should there be a voucher system to help fray the cost?

  5. Guns and Schools: should teachers be armed? Should school security be armed with guns?

  6. All boys/girl’s schools: what can be the benefit of single-sex schools.

  7. Pledge of allegiance: should all children be forced to say the pledge? What about those who refuse due to religion?

  8. College sports: should students be paid to play college sports? Should shoe companies be able to equip high school students and college students?

  9. Handwriting: should schools stop teaching cursive writing? Is writing becoming unnecessary? Is the absence of handwriting keeping students from being able to read important documents that are only in cursive writing throughout literature?


  1. Airport security: has the security at airports made you feel more safe since 9/11? Has it made a difference or is it just an annoyance? Do you think that the costs that airports charge are too much compared to the security that they offer, in other words, is the security worth it?

  2. Dinosaurs: Do you believe they existed or are the bones a hoax? Why do you think they disappeared off of the earth? What are the theories as to why they are now extinct?

  3. The war on drugs: Is the cost to American taxpayers really helping with the war on drugs? Are there less drugs in your neighborhoods than there were 5 years ago?

  4. Text Messaging: Is the increase in text messaging affecting teen literacy? Is it keeping teens from writing effectively? Are the laws pertaining to sexting keeping students from sexting?

  5. Oil spills: Should oil companies absorb the cost of fuel when they are responsible for oil spills? Are the American Indians wrong to not want pipelines built across their lands? Does this make them anti-economy?

  6. Women’s suffrage: what was it? Did it change American life, how? Who was involved in the movement and what other things did they achieve during their lifetime?

  7. Nobel Peace Prize: how was it instituted and why? What makes it ironic? Who have been the recipients of the prize over the years since its inception?

  8. Buddhist Monks: what do they believe and represent? What makes them mysterious to you? Can anyone become one? If so how, if not why not?

  9. Bin Laden: What were the instances surrounding the capture of Osama Bin Laden? What are some of the conspiracy theories? Is there a belief that the U.S always knew where he was?

  10. Magna Carta: Explain the Magna Carta and what it did to change England. Is it

still effective today?

These topics will get you started with your search. If you find that you have waited until the last minute to get your paper outlined and structured, don’t fret, it happens.

This would be a good time to invest in an online professional writing service that will help you begin to structure your paper and may have more suggestions for a topic so that you can begin your research essay writing.