Top 15 Flash Essay Educative Social Media Tools

Posted: May 12, 2016
Content top 15 flash essay educative social media tools

Kathryn Pokalo, Professor at Community College of Philadelphia engages her online students through the Canvas Platform. Canvas reaches over 18 million higher education and K-12 students worldwide. Created by Instructure in 2011 and used today by more than 1600 colleges and school districts around the world, Canvas gives Professors and students the ability to utilize social media through chat rooms, while completing a full semester of coursework, with the interface supplying the ability to create modules for students and a grading system for educators. The easy to use graphic interface has made Canvas the go to tool for online education and employee engagement.

Canvas, and many other educational social media tools and sites that offer writing services have sprung up in this age of home schooling and work from home businesses. Freelancers that depend on their desktop for their livelihood, often utilize many of these social media tools.

Following are some of the top functioning products based on ease of use and popularity, and many have a free trial period or are free to use with a basic account.


Surprising as that may sound, Facebook offers a unique way to engage your Professor or you students. It can be used as a private room for students to engage each other for support, or for the teacher to give updates on assignments and private chat about grades or other issues. Just keep in mind that everyone, well almost everyone uses Facebook. Keep your personal page and your teaching/learning pages separate. Always remember to remain professional.


This platform has won a popularity with teachers due to its feature, Chalkboard. Chalkboard not only allows teachers to explain objectives, but also utilizes visual enhancements for those students who need that extra visual touch to get the job done.


It’s not just for video calls anymore! When it comes to teamwork Skype is the way to go. This type of tool helps teachers connect with their students, and then connect to a team of schoolmates or other educators. Skype also offers pre-set lesson plans that they have already loaded into the software.


This site offers administrators, students and teachers a complete engaging platform with comprehensive plans and products to make the total Learning Management System your own. The entire site is dedicated to building your schools or your businesses brand from start to finish. It is not a freebie, and once you see what it has to offer you will see why.


Yep, its YouTube just for teachers, students, and parents. Here is another good collaborative site that allows a mix of resources among educators to be spread from student to student, so that they get a broader sense of the world around them. Equipped with accessible documents, photos and audio for your lessons plans, you will use this tool over and over again. The only fallback, there are ads.

Khan Academy:

From math to arts and humanities, Khan Academy is one of the best online educational sites available to educators and students. With each subject comes quizzes that award little leaves and points when questions are answered correctly. The internal program keeps a record of your progress and lets you know where your weaknesses are so that you can study them more intensely. Because it is free they ask for donations to keep the site running, and it is well worth the charity.


You got to love podcasts. Who of us who has utilized the Web for information purposes hasn’t sat listening to a TedTalk and got blown away by something we have heard for the very first time. Well audacity is like TedTalk for students, teachers and educators that need software that creates an inexpensive (free) learning experience. It is compatible with most all systems, and has links to explain how to use it.

Keep in mind while going through this list that availability changes all the time, new ones come in, old ones get outdated or the names change. This world is a fast moving one, and any of these products can help you keep up the pace along the race.