The Most Helpful Job Websites For Recent College Graduates

Posted: June 29, 2016By: James
Content rsz the most helpful job websites for recent college graduates

The most helpful job websites for recent college graduates—R. Davis

The speeches are over, the congratulations have been said, and now it’s time to do something with that degree that you have worked so hard for. Statistics show that between 2008 (during the recession) and now, those with higher education gained the higher rate of employment. So get out there and find your place in the career world. It’s there you just have to be diligent finding it. If you type in “jobs” in Google, or your preferred search engine you are going to be bombarded with tons of job-sites. Start your search by being specific. If you are a writer and would like to try becoming a part of a writing service for instance, type in “freelance writer” for the best search output. The following job-sites are a good place to start on you journey to your career. Get busy putting those applications in and don’t stop until you are hired and on your way to your career path.


One of the nation’s leading sites for online available work submissions from employers, Indeed’s landing page gets right too it by asking for your specialty and where you live. Sign up is easy-peasy and they will shoot a list of open jobs to your inbox. With over 2.8 million job seekers finding jobs through Indeed, with persistence in your search you are sure to find a job. It is mobile friendly, so that you can find jobs on the go, no reason to be stuck to your desktop. Just fill out the Indeed resume and start searching.


Monster mixes a job search site with a content site geared towards job-seekers. Sign up and get emails for jobs but also useful information and tips to help you land that coveted position, and for writing services jobs, Monster is tops.


On this type of jobs site, you cast bids for jobs posted by companies from all over the world. This site is promising for those of you who would like to write essays and freelance from your desktop at home. You can find substantial income by using UpWork with a free account, and you get more access to their database of employers with a small-fee membership account. They offer aptitude tests that help with your ranking among other applicants that use the site; they are available to take but are not mandatory. The requests of Write my college essay are popular all along the UpWork as well.


Careerbuilder is free to sign up and will have your inbox humming with offers. Just sign up and submit your resume, it’s as simple as that. No bells and whistles at this site, just business.

Simply Hired

This site, like Monster, offers up a wealth of info for finding that right job. You can find info on resume building, interviewing skills, and what to expect from the types of jobs you are qualified for. The information on this site changes often, you will never be bored with what they have to offer. Find lists for entry-level positions to experience and get simply hired.


If you like signing up for site though your social media pages, this one has them all available. This makes it super easy to get your resume out there to hundreds of employers quickly and efficiently. Log on and just sign up. Browse the millions of jobs that are up for grabs. Use keywords in their search for ultimate results.


This site also has testing for different job placements. The cities they service are listed right on the landing page, and jobs listings are also shot over to your email. Sign up today.

The one thing that is not going to happen is an employer knocking on your door. The only way they knock is if they have your resume. Set a goal to fill out 10-15 applications a day. This is not daunting as it sounds if you prepare your information before time and copy/paste it in the fields where needed from site to site. Write out a clear essay style about me page, and as time goes on update it as necessary. Keep your resume and your cover letter up to date. If you have to use a writing service for your perfect resume, then do it. There is nothing like getting a cover letter dated 2 years ago that will send it into the trash pile. Happy hunting!