Medium it s ok to be bad at math great inventors and scientists who struggled with math
By: JamesDecember 19, 2017
It's Ok To Be Bad At Math: Great Inventors And Scientists Who Struggled With Math

“Why am I so bad at math?”

Lots of students ask themselves this question. And the answers to this question vary widely. “I have a bad math teacher,” is pretty common, although probably not the right answer in most instances. Sure, there are bad math teachers, but more often than not, being bad at math is the result of gaps in your learning which were never filled and/or an attitude that you just can’t “get it.”

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Medium strategies for math problem solving in 2018   something old  something new
By: JamesDecember 15, 2017
Strategies for Math Problem-Solving in 2018 – Something Old, Something New

Most of us learned our math facts in elementary school. We used those flash cards and memorized our addition and multiplication facts at least. Then we learned long multiplication and division. It all seems like such a waste now – that time sent on memorization when we have calculators that can do it all for us.

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Medium the list of the most followed accounts on twitter
By: JamesJune 10, 2016
The list of the most followed accounts on Twitter

Today’s savvy social media businessperson is constantly looking for the next best way to magnify their online presence and Twitter is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to do it.
Many writing services are being established on the Internet that notice this too and are helping businesses utilize Twitter to get their name and services they provide out there to you.

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Medium top 15 flash essay educative social media tools
May 12, 2016
Top 15 Flash Essay Educative Social Media Tools

Kathryn Pokalo, Professor at Community College of Philadelphia engages her online students through the Canvas Platform. Canvas reaches over 18 million higher education and K-12 students worldwide. Created by Instructure in 2011 and used today by more than 1600 colleges and school districts around the world, Canvas gives Professors and students the ability to utilize social media through chat rooms, while completing a full semester of coursework, with the interface supplying the ability to create modules for students and a grading system for educators. The easy to use graphic interface has made Canvas the go to tool for online education and employee engagement.

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Medium 10 quotes that will inspire you to study
By: JamesApril 18, 2016
10 Quotes That Will Inspire You to Study

Let’s get it out of the closet – studying is hard, time-consuming, and most of the times your least favorite thing to do. There are so many other things on your agenda that you find much more attractive. Shockingly, even cleaning up your room seems like a more interesting choice than studying.

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Medium 10 creative tips to improve your study habits
By: JamesApril 11, 2016
10 Creative Tips to Improve Your Study Habits

Students cope with multiple academic tasks, which, in many cases, make it impossible for them to direct their undivided attention towards studying efficiently. We’ve all been there – trying to find our motivation, and study so that the information sticks. It’s true that the key to efficient studying isn’t growing the amount of hours you spend with your nose stuck between books, but being smart about it! How do you do that? Simple – by implementing the next ten creative tips into your studying routine.

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Medium 8 things i wish i knew as a college senior
By: JamesApril 06, 2016
8 Things I Wish I Knew As a College Senior

When students reach their college senior year, finally, they realize that school is almost over, and real life seems to start right away. Most of the times, this catches them off guard. I bet that many students know the feeling, and it’s the least favorite feeling in the world, I might add. On that account, I have come up with a comprehensive list of things I wish I knew as a college senior – if only we could turn back time, right?

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Medium how to be a highly productive student
By: JamesApril 06, 2016
How to Be a Highly Productive Student

There’s no better time than now to improve yourself. That applies to each and every one of us, students included. If you acknowledge that you could use a productivity boost, and make this studying year the most productive you have had so far, you’ve reached the perfect spot. This article consists of the steps you need to take so that you become the student you wish to!

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