8 Things I Wish I Knew As a College Senior

Posted: April 06, 2016By: James
Content 8 things i wish i knew as a college senior

When students reach their college senior year, finally, they realize that school is almost over, and real life seems to start right away. Most of the times, this catches them off guard. I bet that many students know the feeling, and it’s the least favorite feeling in the world, I might add. On that account, I have come up with a comprehensive list of things I wish I knew as a college senior – if only we could turn back time, right?

The importance of networking

Wait, let me get this clear – isn’t networking meant for individuals who have already graduated? No. If you assume that college life is all about passing exams and partying like there’s no tomorrow on the coolest party spot on campus, think again, my friend. In fact, this is something most students realize before they graduate – the crucial importance networking has in the whole career equation.

Did you know that nearly 80 percent of jobs are never advertised? If they’re not published anywhere, how on earth could you find out about their availability? You see, you can find about them through people in your network. And that isn’t something you can download on iTunes or Google Store. It’s something you aim at creating during your college years, particularly senior year. Believe me – it’s critical to begin building relationships now – there’s no better time than the present, and, remember, fostering the right mindset and being consistent will get you there.

Plan ahead

Most college seniors find themselves overwhelmed with tasks, and it’s no wonder why. For this reason, planning ahead might aid you clear things up a bit, and deal with stress the right way.

Get involved in various student organizations

I know that you can barely wait for the weekend to arrive so that you can put studying on a pause button, and relax. Your free time is precious, and being involved in multiple student organizations is, probably, the last thing on your mind. However, by doing this, you are making connections, while, at the same time, working on your future resume. Employers prefer students who get involved in extracurricular activities over those who don’t. Something to think about, right?

Take an internship

Taking a student internship is, probably, the biggest favor you’ll do yourself for your future career. An internship is an ideal spot for you to perfect your skills and expertise while aiding you to forge powerful connections with potential employers or mentors – an opportunity you shouldn’t miss out on.

Fight the enemy – procrastination

It seems that procrastination becomes a more dangerous enemy as we grow old. Learn how to combat it effectively – this will come in handy later on as well, trust me!

Adopt the right mindset

Many students experience college life the wrong way – 99 percent of the time being under the weather, complaining about the evil teacher whose primary life purpose is to destroy students’ lives. I get it – in fact, we all know this story. It never goes out of style. Alternatively, by adopting the right mindset, you’ll succeed to provide value to the people you meet and work towards your goals.

Be observant of your image and reputation

Ok, this is college, right? Who cares about your reputation, and why should you bother to build a positive image, as long as your grades are good, right? Believe me – college life is no different than the real world. And the real world is the place in which you have to work towards building a reputation, and maintaining it spotless.

Work for your grades

Grades matter as well – it’s not enough to graduate! And at the end of the day, it’s your grades that will count as a plus in placing you ahead of your competition.