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Manage Your Funds - Use Your Balance

When becoming our regular client you receive a unique opportunity to manage your funds within the company by using your Personal Balance. The Balance allows you to store funds on your account and use your Balance to pay for the upcoming orders.


Instead of going through refund procedures, that take days, you may store funds using your Balance by agreeing with Customer Support Representatives, that do the fund transfer to your account. You are always given a choice by one of our Customer Support Representatives – to have the funds transferred back to your account or to your Balance with the Company. All you have to do is to ask the Representative to store funds on your Personal Balance and the transaction will be settled immediately, with no delays.


You will see the fund transfer as “Credit” Type of Transaction after the Representative executes the transfer . Once you pay for the order using your Balance, the transaction will be reflected as “Expense” Type. Using this page, you may always check your current Balance and see the Balance transaction history. Please note that once Added to your Balance, Credits cannot be refunded and can be used for your future orders’ payment ONLY.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you have questions about your Balance.

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